The Society set up in late 2010 with the aim of promoting Riga (and Riga planning region  seniors) aged 50 years socialization and integration processes. Currently, the Society has more than 700 members (individuals). The Society has granted public benefit status.

Society’s aims and objectives:
1. Identify and merge the assets of seniors and other people with their own enthusiasms and non-governmental organizations, local civil society in the city of Riga.
2. Human Rights and the rights of the individual, social and economic rights and interests of consumers, their material and spiritual well-being and promote active public involvement in democratic processes.
3. Build a community participatory model that provides Societies and interested community groups and views are the principle of equality in decision-making at all levels of policy-making cycles.
4. The development of the process of socialization and social integration.
5. Enable seniors and other members volunteering using the internal resources of the Society.
6. Increase the role of seniors in accordance with the principle of succession, the public sector, politics and business.

7. To establish continuous communication and to participate actively in the Baltic States and other European Union countries capitals seniors or similar organizations from other twinning cities. 

8. To facilitate the discussion in the municipality of current governance issues by participating in advisory boards within the municipality and fostering the merger of organizations – an active community activities and other activities.
9 .To educate the public of all ages, including organizing training, conferences, seminars, workshops and other educational events.
10.Take financial fund raising, project development, participation in competitions, concluding an agreement with the local government authorities for separate functions, as well as accepting donations and conduct other business.
11. To promote and support active and healthy lifestyles by promoting health and preventing disease.

12.Involve the public cultural and educational activities, realizing lifelong learning. 

13. Mobilising and supporting the Latvian population to ensure a person’s right to a dignified life, adapting to the changing socio-economic conditions.
14. Supporting and organizing charity events.
15. Encourage and support the activities of pre-school and youth education.
16. Membership EURAG run organization at EU level, and to cooperate with other seniors non-governmental organizations in Europe, in Latvia and the world.


Ministry of Welfare; Ministry of Health; City Council; Riga City Council, Department of Welfare; Riga City Council Education, Culture and Sports Department; Riga City Council Social Service; State Employment Agency; Riga Senior Day center “RASA” ; Latvian Anti-Poverty Network EAPN – Latvia, Lattelecom Ltd., NGOs house, Latvian Red Cross; Society “Safe House”, Policy Research Center PROVIDUS; Foundation “Riga 2014”; Lithuanian, Polish, Russian, Belarusian Cultural societies.